Pacific Thermo is a worldwide supplier for state-of-the-art equipment used in the manufacture of solar cells. Our SolaReactor PECVD and POCl3 systems are widely used for small R&D to large production run requirements.

Pacific Thermo Products Furnace Division has supplied over 250 systems worldwide configured as Atmospheric, LPCVD, PECVD, High Temperature and Special Applications in both horizontal and vertical configurations. All Pacific Thermo furnaces are “CE” marked and certified.

Pacific Thermo Products Solar Equipment Division supplies in-line PECVD Anti-Reflective coating and POCl3 deposition systems used worldwide in the solar cell industry.

Pacific Thermo Products Refurbished Furnace Division has in-house facilities for refurbishing or reconfiguring a customer’s diffusion furnace or PECVD system. This includes upgrading to larger wafer processing capability, process reconfiguration, adding automatic loading systems and upgrading controls.

Pacific Thermo Products Element Division is a major supplier of heating elements to end-users worldwide as well as many of the furnace manufacturers and rebuilders.

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