Available For All Applications

vertical heating element

Pacific Thermo Direct Replacement Heating Elements are available in a wide range of sizes with inside diameters ranging from 4 to 24 inches (101 to 610mm). The physical and electrical configuration of the elements are the same as the OEM element for easy installation.

Pacific Thermo also offers custom designed elements for your specific applications.

The Direct Replacement Heating Elements offer many advantages including:

  • Lower Initial Cost
  • Reduced Cost of Operation
  • Improved Element Design
  • Reduced Impact on HVAC/Chilled Water
  • Reduced Power Consumption
  • Higher Continuous Operating Temperature
  • Longer Lifetime
  • Extended Warranty
  • Increased Processing Capabilities (certain models)
diffusion furnace horizontal heating element

Unique Graded Insulation

The alumina and silicon oxide fiber insulation system makes Pacific Thermo elements superior to other diffusion furnace elements. This unique insulation has the best K factor of any insulation in the industry.

Our vacuum molding process allows us to grade the insulation, keeping the high density at the coil. This grading provides a better insulation factor resulting in lower skin temperature, less power consumption, and a smaller O.D. element.

Extended Flat Zone

Stainless Steel Encapsulation

The shell and end caps of Pacific Thermo elements are fabricated from stainless steel to withstand the rigors of high temperature operation and provide a particle free enclosure.

High Temperature Terminal Connections

New stainless steel terminals are anchored to the element skin, preventing any tension from lead cables affecting the connection or the heating coils. Other manufacturers using wire material for the terminals experience electrolysis at the connection to the lead cables, eventually burning off the lugs. Also, unsupported terminals can cause distortion of the heating wire at the connection to the leads.

Low Cost Upgrade To Larger Process Tube

Pacific Thermo replacement elements have a larger I.D. for the same O.D. as competitive elements because of their superior insulating technique. This allows you to install larger process tubes in older furnaces, and upgrade to bigger wafers, without the expense of replacing the entire furnace.

Superior low temperature operation

Most diffusion furnaces were designed before low temperature processing became a standard industry process. Elements designed for high temperature operation generally perform poorly at low temperature.

Pacific Thermo supplies elements designed specifically for high temperature (up to 1350°C) or low temperature (600°C and below) operation, to match your application. Using high density windings to avoid low frequency thermal cycling, our low-temperature elements provide superior performance over conventional elements for low-temperature operation.

Reduced Power Consumption

10 to 20% less power is required for the same process temperatures when using a Pacific Thermo element, versus other elements, because of our unique vacuum molding process. This process grades the insulation density to produce high density at the element and low density at the outer surface, creating a superior insulation system.

Increased Element Life

Pacific Thermo elements embody many unique design features to eliminate hotspots and overheating of the element wire and leads, resulting in extended life at high temperature operation. Unique attached electrical terminals eliminate coil sag caused by stress from electrical cables.

Pretested, Oxidized, Ready To Use

Most heating elements made today have not been adequately burned in or pre-oxidized at high temperatures by the manufacturer before shipment, therefore requiring you, the customer, to perform this task. Pacific Thermo elements have been burned in to eliminate insulation binders and pre-oxidized at high temperature to greatly reduce installation time.

Parts and Accessories

Pacific Thermo supplies tube adapters, soft collars and seals, in any configuration, to match your specific needs.