• Can be installed on any diffusion furnace system
  • All-new thermocouple wire from element to controller
  • Protects t/c wires from thermal and mechanical damage
  • Temperature-compensated plugs for all control t/c’s
  • Existing control t/c’s may be used or replaced
  • Includes connections and circuits for O/T t/c’s

The Pacific Thermo T/C Track System eliminates the problem of cold joints where the thermocouple wires connect at a junction block. Typical temperature drifts contributed to these cold joints are eliminated with the use of temperature compensated plugs installed on each control and over-temperature thermocouple.

Mating plugs are mounted in a stainless steel track and all-new thermocouple wire is installed to the furnace temperature controls. The track is designed to be easily moved out of the way for element changing. This stainless steel track provides both thermal and mechanical protection of the thermocouple connection wires, eliminating the degradation and potential damage from heat and mechanical contact.

The T/C Track System can be installed on any horizontal diffusion furnace system in minimum time.