Pacific Thermo works closely with every customer and has established a strong reputation for extraordinary support, both technical and process, on our equipment. Following is a partial list of customers who have purchased systems from Pacific Thermo and their company policy allows them to be listed.

Semiconductor Diffusion and LPCVD Products

Kansas State Univ. (U.S.)
KST World Ltd. (Japan)
Lite-On (China)
Lite-On (Taiwan)
Materials Research Corp. (U.S.)
Micrometrics (U.S.)
Micron Technology (U.S.)
Metelics Corp. (U.S.)
National Semi (U.S.)
Naval Research Labs (U.S.)
nLight Photonics Corp. (U.S.)
NOEL Technologies (U.S.)
OptoTech (Taiwan)
Origin Energy (Australia)
Panjit Semi (U.S.)
Polar Semiconductor (U.S.)
Purdue Univ. (U.S.)
Raytheon Company (U.S.)
RCL Semiconductor (HK)
Rohm & Haas Elec. Mat. (U.S.)
Rosemount Aerospace (U.S.)
Sarnoff Corporation (U.S.)
Semtech (China)
Stanford University (U.S.)
Semtech (China)
Semtech (Mexico)
Semtech (U.S.)

Shenyang Institute (China)
ST Microelectronics (U.S.)
ST Microelectronics (Singapore)
Strataglass (U.S.)
Techniglas Corp. (U.S.)
THAT Corp. (U.S.)
Universal Semi (U.S.)
University of Michigan (U.S.)
Yale University(U.S.)
Notre Dame Univ. (U.S.)
Univ. of San Diego (U.S.)
Wayne State Univ. (U.S.)
U.S. Army Research (U.S.)
Sp3 (U.S.)
Meggitt Systems (U.S.)
Silicon Quest (U.S.)
OM Scientific (India)
Meridian Development (U.S.)
Hionix (U.S.)

SolaReactor Photovoltaic Products

Arab Optronics (Egypt)
Egyptian Military Command
Georgia Tech (U.S.)
Greenway Solar (U.S.)
GT Solar (U.S.)
IIT Hyderabad (India)
JingAu Solar (China)
Kratos Defense (U.S.)
Madison Research Corp.(U.S.)

MiniSystems (U.S.)
Motech Industries (Taiwan)
Origin Energy (Australia)
PanAsia Solar (Taiwan)
Premier Solar (India)
RES Photovoltic (India)
Gbr. Schmid (Germany)
SierraTherm (U.S.)
Solar Enertech (China)

Sierra Solar (U.S.)
Solar Power Industries (U.S.)
Solexel (U.S.)
Sunrise Solar (Taiwan)
Twin Creeks Tech. (U.S.)
1366 Technologies (U.S.)

University References

Arizona State University (U.S.)
Auburn University (U.S.)
Australian National University (Australia)
Berkley University (U.S.)
Brown University (U.S.)
California Technical University (U.S.)
Case Western Reserve University (U.S.)
Center for Advanced Technology (U.S.)
Cornell University (U.S.)
Georgia Tech (U.S.)
Grand Valley University (U.S.)
Griffith University (Australia)
Harvard University (U.S.)
Hong Kong University (Hong Kong)
Indian Institute of Technology – Bombay (India)
Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad (India)
Instituto Tecnologico y de Energas Renovables (ITER) (Spain)
Iowa State University (U.S.)
Kansas State University (U.S.)

Middle East Technical University (Turkey)
Notre Dame University (U.S.)
Purdue University (U.S.)
Stanford University (U.S.)
Shenyang Institute (China)
University of Arkansas (U.S.)
University of Deleware (U.S.)
Universidade de Sao Paulo (Brazil)
University of South Flordia (U.S.)
University of Louisiana at Lafayette (U.S.)
University of Maine (U.S.)
University of Michigan (U.S.)
University of New York (U.S.)
University of San Diego (U.S.)
University de Sherbrooke (Canada)
University of Texas at El Paso (U.S.)
University of Wisconsin (U.S.)
Virginia Commonwealth University (U.S.)
Wayne State University (U.S.)
Yale University(U.S.)
Xi’an Jiaotong University (China)

If you would like further information please contact us.