Sirius Semiconductor Diffusion Furnaces

PRO 150: 4-stack furnace system for wafers up to 150mm dia.

PRO 200: 4-stack furnace system for wafers up to 200mm dia.

PRO 300: 3-stack furnace system for wafers up to 300mm dia.

Custom configurations available

  • Compact only 4.2 m² (45.9 ft²) in clean room
  • Each tube level microprocessor controlled for functional capability and ease of operation
  • Windows® based operating system for ease of use
  • Host computer with flat screen and keyboard/mouse controls (touch-screen available).
  • Available with atmospheric, LPCVD and PECVD processing capability
  • Film uniformities on many processes comparable with vertical furnaces at less than 1/3 the cost

SIRIUS Diffusion Furnace Systems are Fully Equipped

Our systems are complete, compact and can be configured to your specific requirements